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Our long awaited move is finally over. We are now located in
Spring Hill, Florida.

We have PUPPIES!!!!! They will be ready for their new homes the 1st week of Sept.
I have for sale at this time: Making room for babies so I have several forsale Email if
you want to come meet them: Monsterfarm1@aol.com

I will be up dating our site this week so keep an eye out.

First FL show in Bartow: MF Quarter Back SSB 1 BOB/2 BOS, MF Solo SSD 1 BOB/1BOS amd
MF Blitz SFD 1 BOS
Second FL show in Ocala, MF Solo SSD
~BIS~ 1BOB/1BOS, MF Quarter Back 2BOB/1BOS and
MF Blitz 1BOS
Third FL show in Bartow: MF Solo SSD BOB & Peyton WSB BOS.
Austin Won
~BIS~ with is Marshall Hill's PJ SSD Holland Lop
Forth FL show in Deland, This was our state show. MF Solo SSD BOB, MF Quarter Back SSB
BOS show A, MF Blitz SFD BOB & MF Willis SLB BOS show B.
Fifth FL show in Tampa: show A MF Blitz BOB & MF Bull BOS. Show B & C MF Blits BOB & MF
Willis BOS
Sixth FL Show in Bartow: ALL 3 shows MF Blitz SFD BOB

Austin won the ARBA royalty contest in November 2010 at the ARBA National Convention and
is now the new Lord for the second year in a row.
Riley won 2nd runner up for the ARBA royalty contest Lady In July 2010.
Don't for get to sign that guest book.
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Hi and welcome to our Monster farm.
I specialize in Flemish Giants and my children raise Holland Lops. Here at the Farm
we breed to improve the overall show quality of each individual breed that is set in
the ARBA standards. ARBA Rabbitry #X582
We also raise pure breed AKC Rottweilers, Heritage Turkeys, Muscovy & Pekin
Ducks, Quail and RARE breed Chickens. Come on in and check them out. We are
ALWAYS updating so come back often.

You can NOT expect to raise superior animals from inferior
parents. Start out right with stock coming from good quality
& pure breeding

I am a past director for the Washington State Rabbit Breeder Association and
show Secretary & director for the Evergreen Rabbit Breeders Association. I also
hold a chair on the NFFGRB Youth Committee. I'm long time member of the ARBA
and joined the National Federation Of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders.
E-mail us at:
Yes we ship
Visitors to our site
BIS Monsterfarm's Solo
SSD with Judge
Ryan M. Fedele
Austin BIS Marshall
Hill's PJ Hollandlop SSD
with Judge Jeff Albright
Me and MF Blast
10 month old
Sandy doe
Monsterfarm's Blast 10 month old Sandy doe
34" long and 22.06 pounds. So you get an idea
of what a Flemish Giant should look like.
We have PUPPIES!!!!!