Flemish Giants
You can not expect to raise
superior animals form inferior parents.
Start out right with stock coming from good quality & pure breeding.
*~Prices may increase to each rabbits development.~*
*~Discounted prices on Pet rabbits, multiple rabbits purchased & we also give a 4H or FFA Discount.~*

*~IF buying a doe see about getting her bred before she leaves.~*

*~Yes we do ship from Tampa Bay airport.~*

Read the following in full about shipping before
contacting me to ship animal/s to you.

A minimum of $100.00 in rabbit/s purchase is required.

Buyer is required to pay for the animal/s if full before I hold an animal for you. This is a non-refundable deposit.
A deposit will be refunded in full if complications arise with the animal while it is in my care. I also require full
costs to be covered before I ship any animal. Multiple rabbits can be flown at the same time. This can be more
than one rabbit & more than one breed depending on age of animals.

*I have the right to refuse to sell any of my rabbits to anyone.*

*Prices of flights vary ($125-$250) depending on overall weight/size of crate & air lines.*

*The buyer is to pay all shipping costs.*

Your total cost would include:

1-  The cost of the rabbit or rabbits

2-  The price of the airline approved carrier/kennel/crate. I some times have used ones to save you
money. Our local Wal Mart sells them starting at $23.00.

3- Feed crock & water bottle $10.00.

4- The full cost of the flight itself.

5- A Health Certificate are required by all Air lines $40.00.
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Black SR brood doe, JR light gray in both bucks and Does.

E-Mail me for more info: Monsterfarm1@aol.com
Here are some pictures to help you see the different colors we raise.
Steel Gray
Light Gray
Prices and Info before buying
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name = Stephanie
comments = What up chica! Where is my light gray? Please make me one and I shall
show with you.

Hi Mandy my name is Rachel. My daughter Kacie & I bought a sandy flemish last april from you, then I
called you because Cody became very aggressive to us & the dog. Well we wanted to give you an
update... The vineger water spray worked wonders! We only had to sray him a few times but he's been
a sweety ever since. I have seen a few wild bunnies already this early spring & hopefuly that won't
alter his temperment! So far so good.
We all love Cody & wanted to share a few pictures of how georgous he is now. He's a 16lb love bug
who is very spoiled & free roams the yard by day and lives in a luxory hutch by night. So thank you for
the advice & being such a great caring breeder.                   
Rachel, Kacie & Cody   

Hi Mandy,
It's Christa from San Antonio TX. Well, I just have to say your rabbits have
brought my family so much joy our female bunny is so beautiful and loves the
kids . My sister has truly has fallen in love with my babies and would like a pair of her own and I would
like another male.I fixed my pair awhile back and my sis was upset because she
wanted bunnies.I felt bad but Im just not a breeder, I just love them as part of
the family. Can you please let me know when you'll have litters again. Out
here there is a small farm who sells flemish giants but after my pleasant
experience with you I wouldn't take my business anywhere else...
Thank you again and God Bless!

name = Bobbi
comments = Hi Mandy and kids,
I am just checking in to see what is new on your website. I really do enjoy your
site and come back from time to time to see the new stuff. Thanks for all the
pictures, they are great.
Bobbi  :)

name = sereena
comments = There are hardly any Flemish`s in Canada. Would it be best to get
three or four bred does and 1 or two bucks?
Do you know the requirements of shipping to Canada? I  know about shipping
horses both ways but not rabbits. Have to take a look at the Checkered
rabbits..never heard of those before!

name = Michelle
comments = Hi there,
I read your Craigslist posting today and am glad to see that I wasn't making
wrong assumptions about the CL poster. I contacted them once via email (I live
in ML)... kind of a wierd communication w/them. Anyhow, I am sort of new to
rabbits, and don't want to eat them, but really love the Flemish Giants. I'd be
more interested in showing, breeding a very few high-end rabbits for the purpose
of improving the breed, and enjoying the babies. Since I'd get attached, and
certainly won't eat them myself, is there a small pet market for these little
guys? I think they are just lovely and they look so gentle.
Thanks for the great website!

name = Lumpy
email = sbush@teamsnaleaders.com
comments = Hi Mandy, It's me Lumpy-the sandy colored rabbit you sold to the
Bush family back in 2008. Thank you for raising me right and sending me off to a
family that loves me unconditionally and thinks the world of me. Thank you for
all of your kind advice to me whenever I need help. You are wonderful!

name = Patti Meyer
email = sunypatches@yahoo.com
comments = Love your sight.  We have a fawn colored buck, and he is lonely. We
are looking for a female or two.
I want to thank everyone for signing our guest
book. I started everything over from the
counter on our main page to the new quest book
for this year. I wish you all the best.
Oh what a tangled web we
weave, when lies and
deception are all we breath.
For the haters LOL
Lumpy taking a nap. So cute!